If terms like "Dink" and "The Kitchen" are not in your language, we're here to help! Once we open our doors, we hope to have lessons and leagues available so you can build your skills.


1. Good sportsmanship is the rule. Yes, you love the game, but it is only a game. Respect all players.
2. Begin each game by acknowledging the other players, and introducing yourself if you don’t know them. If you do know them, use whatever is appropriate to let them know that you know they are there and are saying “hey.”
3. If the ball is “out,” and it’s on your side, call it out. If it’s close, give the benefit of the doubt to your opponent. This is hard to do when the game is close but do it anyway.
4. If you step into the kitchen on a volley, or if your partner does, call it. Be very cautious about calling kitchen or serving faults on others. (Most of us are at an age where our vision is questionable.)
5. Sometimes spectators comment on the plays. While this is normal and fun, ask them not to if their comments are loud, disruptive, argumentative, hostile or combative.